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Palm Room Blog....

Hello everyone,

This week Blossom room and Palm room have joined together to take part in the 30 days of June nature activities. The children collected twigs and sticks for the jungle garden. The children also enjoyed collecting leaves, mud and sticks for the bug hotel. We did a community litter pick and cleaned the area. We had fun watering the plants. The weather has been so good, we had lunch outside. It has been a great and busy week.

Nature (1).PNG

Nature (2).PNG

Nature (3).PNG

Nature (4).PNG

Nature (5).PNG

Nature (6).PNG

Nature (7).PNG

Nature (8).PNG

Nature (9).PNG

Nature (10).PNG

Nature (11).PNG

Nature (12).PNG

Nature (13).PNG

Nature (14).PNG

Nature (15).PNG

Nature (16).PNG

Nature (17).PNG

Nature (18).PNG

Nature (19).PNG

Nature (20).PNG

Nature (21).PNG

Nature (22).PNG

Nature (23).PNG

Nature (24).PNG

Nature (25).PNG



Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to our Summer Term in Palm room!!!

Hope you all had nice week off, going out and about in sunny weather. Please do share the activities you did with your children and family with us on Tapestry, we would love to see it.

We have been very busy this week. This week was our  ‘Reading week.’ We carried on children’s choice book from last term “Goldilocks and Three bears.” We added different resources to enhance the story in different areas e.g. we had big, medium and small sized bears in the home corner. Why don’t you have look at different sized bowls, chairs or beds in your house. Children chose their favourite books to look at with adults or independently.

Outdoor we challenged with different physical activities like climbing on the tree and obstacle course. As the weather has been really good, we opened our outdoor sandpit and children enjoyed and had experience of going to the beach.

We spent lots of time outside looking at the bugs and went for bug hunting. While you are out and about walking, see whether you can spot any bugs.

Image (1).JPG

Image (2).JPG

Image (3).JPG

Image (4).JPG

Image (5).JPG

Image (6).JPG

Image (7).JPG

Image (8).JPG

Image (9).JPG

Image (10).JPG

Image (11).JPG

Image (12).JPG

Image (13).JPG

Image (14).JPG

Image (15).JPG

Image (16).JPG

Image (17).JPG

Image (18).JPG

Image (19).JPG


After sharing the story ‘Slow snail’ we have been hunting for snails all week outside. We have been looking high and low, under things, on top of things and we even used magnifying glasses to help.  Sadly we couldn’t find any, but we did find spiders, ladybirds and worms. Luckily for us today Cathy found 2 snails in her garden and brought them in to nursery for us to look at. We collected leaves, mud and twigs for the snails and made them a new home. We spent time observing how they move around and watched as they left trails of slime behind them. We then looked on the iPad at different kinds of snails and we also found out what snails like to eat. Here are lots of pictures of the fun we had, maybe you could go on a snail hunt in your garden, the park or on your journey to nursery, we would love to see some photographs on tapestry if you do.  

Snow Snail Pic (1).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (2).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (3).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (4).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (5).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (6).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (7).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (8).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (9).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (10).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (11).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (12).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (13).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (14).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (15).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (16).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (17).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (18).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (19).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (20).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (21).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (22).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (23).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (24).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (25).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (26).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (27).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (28).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (29).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (30).JPG

Snail Hunt Picture (31).JPG

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our last week of the Summer1 term!!!

Following our rhyme of the week  “I Can Sing a Rainbow,”  we had different activities around the room. We used different textured creative materials like pompoms, tissue paper, feathers and coloured pipe-cleaners to create our collage pictures. Why don’t you have a go at home?  We used different coloured stickle blocks to create structures in the construction area.

Here is the rhyme to practise with your family.

Rainbow song

Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too.

Listen with your ears,
Listen with your eyes,
And sing everything you see!
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing along with me...

We enjoyed listening to the story of “Three bears and Goldilocks..” We looked at Big and small things in our environment. Try to find big and small things in your house.

When we were outdoor we had “no bike week” and explored other activities. We created some difficult obstacle course and tried hard to balance on them, we splashed in puddles and played different games by using hula-hoops.


Summer 1 week 5 pic (7).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (6).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (5).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (4).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (3).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (2).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (2).JPG Summer 1 week 5 pic (1).JPG

Welcome to our Summer term!!!

Children who started this term have settled very well in Palm room.

Our rhyme of the week is “I can sing a Rainbow.” We have been singing the rhyme with signs. We have been busy mixing different colours in creative area and during outdoor play.

We enjoyed rainy days. During outdoor we splashed in the muddy puddles and explored them by adding leaves, sticks, flowers in them.

Children made Eid cards for Eid celebrations. We wish our families Happy Eid!!! Eid Mubarak!!!


IMG_6073.JPG IMG_6149.JPG IMG_6146.JPG IMG_6145.JPG IMG_6101.JPG IMG_6100.JPG

Welcome back everyone!
We hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays. It's lovely to have you all back and ready to have lots of fun in Palm Room!
Our rhyme of the week this week is;
'Polly put the kettle on'
We have been enjoying singing and signing it at school, here is a link to the rhyme on BBC Teach. 
If you scroll down at the end of the rhyme, you'll find more familiar rhymes for you to share at home, the children will love joining in with you!

Hello all, 

This week the children in Palm have been enjoying the rhyme, 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'. Here is a link to a BBC version that you can all enjoy at home!
See if you can make your own boat like we did at school! What about using a cushion to sit on? What could you use for oars? Do you have a teddy which you could pretend is the crocodile? Watch out!!!
Following the children's interests, our story next week will be, 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. 
Here is a version of it so you can read together at home, Enjoy!

Hello, take a look at the attached pictures of our children taking part in activities.  

This week Blossom room and Palm room have joined together to take part in a range of fun activities such as Yoga, ECO schools gardening and ball skills with city in the community. We will continue with these activities plus we’ll be adding more exciting activities in the next half term.

Blossom and Palm Activities Board

Hi everyone, take a look at the children shows on at Z-Arts. 

They are so excited to be running some brilliant shows during the Easter break to keep your little ones entertained. With the tickets from just £3 per screen, they have everything from creative learning, poetry and we're even going to blast off in to outer space!

Check out the shows below to find out what to expect!

April 6th: Play-Along Plink and Boo

April 7th: Robot Boy

April 9th: AlgoRHYTHM From Home

April 10th: Dragons and Goblins and Magic and YOU!

Click on the link to learn more:,HAGU,10IYRT,21KVC,1#whats-on


Hello everyone, especially parents of children who have SEND.

More information on our local offer;

We are having a visit from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission to look at how Manchester has supported children and young people with Special Educational Needs and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ofsted and CQC would really like to hear your views. 

We hope you enjoy the following activities...

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer.docx

Wind The Bobbin Up.docx

Wind The Bobbin Up Video.MOV

5 Little Speckled Frogs.docx


Hi, here are some ideas for you to do at home.  It's Five Little Ducks week!

join in with Courtney!

5 Little Ducks.MOV

Palm - 5 Little Ducks.docx

Happy New Year to everyone.

Here's Jamie reading Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.  We hope you enjoy it!


Hello, wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

Twinkle twinkle 1.MOV

Twinkle twinkle 2.MOV


It's time for some Christmas dancing this week!  Enjoy!

christmas dancing 1.MOV

christmas dancing 2.MOV


This week, we have been dressing the tree and admiring the lights in school.

decorating the tree.MOV

Seeing the lights.MOV

seeing the lights 2.MOV


Welcome to our festive countdown - we have been busy making wrapping paper and cards for the elderly.  Try out these activities at home and have fun!

Festive wrapping and cards.pptx


Hello, here is our first Rhyme Time challenge.  Learn and sing the rhyme with your child.  Have fun!

teddy bear teddy bear.MOV

Open, shut them....MOV

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well and enjoying our stories and activities!

hello, here is our final story...

I Am Bear video.MOV

I Am Bear activities.docx

Here is a story about Mud!  let's hope for better weather soon...


Mud activities.docx

Hello everyone, another story about pets to deepen your learning!

This is my pet video.MOV

This is my pet activities.docx


Hello everyone, Lynnette has a special surprise for you this week - her dog Nala has joined her for story time!

Spot Stays Overnight video.MOV

Spot Stays Overnight activities.docx


Pip and Posy this week. Enjoy!

The New Friend read by Shabnam.MOV

The New Friend activities.docx



Hello everyone - we hope you enjoy this week's story and activities.

A Bit Lost video.MOV

A Bit Lost activities.docx


Hello everyone, here is Courtney reading Just Like Jasper.

Just Like Jasper video.MOV

Palm activities.docx

Here is the BAM weekly challenge!

BAM Challenge - Wacky Week.pdf

Hi everyone, here are some ideas on how to keep your child safe

Child safety - parent pack.pdf

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak!  We hope you enjoy your special festival


For everyone who is missing Archana, here she is reading a story about growing plants.  We hope you are all managing some time outside in this lovely weather!

Jasper's Beanstalk video.MOV

Jasper's Beanstalk activities.docx

hello, Al is talking about lots of different colours this week.  We hope you enjoy it, Donna and Al

My Book of Colours video.MOV

My Book of Colours activities.docx

Here is Al singing one of your favourite rhymes, "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" by Michael Rosen.  Enjoy!

Little Rabbit Foo Foo- story.MOV

Little Rabbit Foo Foo activities.docx

Here are some activities to wind down to...

 BAM Challenge - Wind Down Week.pdf

New activities for you and your child to enjoy for

this week:

Palm - Mud Walk story

Palm - Mud Walk activities


Hello everybody, we hope you enjoy these fun activities:

Palm - Mouse Activities.docx


Palm-Splishy Sploshy-story.MOV

Palm - Splishy Sploshy-activites.docx


Please look at this information on how to talk to your children about coronavirus.

A childrens guide to coronavirus.pdf


Here are some great ideas for moving to music!  Enjoy!



We have added some useful links to help with home learning - please take a look!

Useful Links for Parents and Children.docx


Here are some tips for taking care of yourself during these difficult times

Taking care during the covid 19 outbreak.pdf


Here are some ideas for teaching children how to be independent - enjoy the cooking!


Small Steps - Independent Living Skills.pdf

My Manchester Fayre cookery book.docx


Hello everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well.  I hope you enjoy our story "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell. There are lots of activities you can do at home.  Hope to see you all soon!  Donna, Julia, Michelle and Courtney.

Dear Zoo storytime.MOV

Palm Dear Zoo activities.docx


Here are some ideas of things to look after ourselves during isolation

Psychology Wellbeing Pack.pdf


This is an important poster showing you how to manage your child if ill or injured during the current covid 19 outbreak



Hello everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well.  This week our story "Shark in the Park" by Nick Sharratt is read by Courtney.  Enjoy and let us know how you are doing, Donna and Courtney!

Shark in the Park - story.MOV

Shark in the Park activities.doc