Curriculum Teams

Curriuclum Teams.PNG

At Martenscroft Nursery School and Children's Centres, we recoginse that we provide our children and families with learning opportuntiies beyond the 7 Areas of Learning of the Early's Curriculum. We have devised four Curriculum Teams that take a lead on the different curriculum areas. The table above demonstrates what areas of the curriculum each team is responsible for. All members of the staff team and governing body are allocated a team and each curriculum team has a representative from the different sectors within Martenscroft. We ensure that our key experiences provide extraordinary extras for our children and families. Alongside our experiences, our curriculum teams embed lifelong morals for our children. Each curriculum team leads on a ‘Martenscroft Moral’ to ensure that all children achieve our motto …

I am Mindful, Expressive, Inquisitve and Nurturing so I can Play, Learn and Grow. 

Each of the curriculum teams plans a termly focus that provides the children with extraordinary experiences. Many of these opportunities allow for families and community involvement. Each team keeps a record of the events to celebrate and document the exciting experiences that are provided for our children.