Governing Body 

The purpose of governance is to provide confident and strong strategic leadership which leads to robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.

Boards must be ambitious for all children and young people and infused with a passion for education and a commitment to continuous school improvement that enables the best possible outcomes. Governance must be grounded in reality as defined by both high-quality objective data and a full understanding of the views and needs of pupils, staff, parents, carers and local communities. It should be driven by inquisitive, independent minds and through conversations focussed on the key strategic issues which are conducted with humility, good judgement, resilience and determination.

Effective governance is based on six key features:

  1. Strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy
  2. Accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance
  3. People with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity
  4. Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  5. Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements
  6. Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance.

The Local Governing Body provides focused governance at a local level. It monitors the School’s key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the School Leadership, providing challenge where appropriate. It plays a part in representing the views of the School’s stakeholders eg. parents, staff.


Chair of Governors - Elaine Bates

Vice Chair - Ajai Singh

Amy Davenport- Headteacher

Jane Rogers- Staff Governor 

Sara Fernadez - Parent Governor

Irfan Syed - Parent Governor

Janet Nettleton - Co-Opted Governor

Christina MacRae - Co-Opted Governor

Katie McCall - Co-Opted Governor

John Dalby - Co-Opted Governor

Anne Ryan - Co-Opted Governor

Ibrahim Ahmed - Co-Opted Governor

Clerk - Jane Mycock

Governor Profiles 


My background is in (primary)teaching and I have held a variety of learning and access roles in museums and galleries; including Manchester Museum where I was the Early Years Coordinator for 14 years. It was in this role that my relationship with Martenscroft developed, working with staff to support museum visits for local families and more recently to undertake research alongside them towards an MA in Early Years Education. I was invited to become a governor in 2010 and have been chair of governors since 2018. It has been a privilege to be part of the Martenscroft community, supporting a team of skilled and experienced early years leaders and professionals, committed to improving outcomes for local families.

Elaine Bates

It is an honour and a privilege to be a co-opted governor at Marenscroft Nursery School and Children’s Centre. I am a retired teacher. I taught at three Manchester Primary Schools including being Headteacher of St. Philip’s CE Primary School, Hulme from 1981-2008. When Martenscroft opened I was invited to be the Community Governor on the new governing body. It is wonderful to see the Nursery and Children’s Centre being an excellent provider of education and care for the children and families of Hulme and Central Manchester. It is a marvellous achievement to have provided and maintained that provision to a high standard for over twenty years. I am currently Chair of the Governors Finance Committee and a member of the Premises and Safety Committee.

John Dalby 

Mrs Jane Rogers.jpg

I have worked in early years since 1978 in many different settings always in and around Moss Side and Hulme communities. During this time I have been part of and experienced many positive changes. There is a richly diverse, ethnic and cultural community that strives to be self-sufficient in an ever changing demographic landscape at the heart of Manchester. It has taught me that family and community are integral to learning and development, for every child. As schools and early year’s settings within these communities we are privileged to be part of each child’s care and education and the growth of the community.

Jane Rogers 

Throughout my carer in teaching, I have always had a passion for Early years and providing the best possible start to children's lives and education. I have a wide range of experience in supporting school's with their Early Years provision. I am passionate about ensuring that all children have access to high quality education. I strive to find ways to be creative in our approach and provide children with memorable experiences. Our school is a community and I adovate that all members voices are carefully considered to provide an holistic approach to our school ethos. Collobaration is at the heart of everything we do. I am relational and colloborative leader who strives to celebrate the personal growth of all our school community.  

Amy Davenport 

Mrs Amy Davenport.jpg

I have had a strong association with both the community of Hulme and Martenscroft Nursery School and Children’s Centre. I was appointed as a teacher at Martenscroft in January 2000 and went on to become Lead Teacher in the Nursery Class and a Specialist Leader in Education for early years until I retired in August 2017. Initially I was a Staff Governor and I am now a Co-opted member of the Governing body.I have a passion for supporting families, parents and carers, to ensure that in their early years all children receive the best possible opportunities to develop their personality, talents, and abilities to the full. (Article 29 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). I am a strong advocate for enabling children to have access to a rich child centred curriculum that provides opportunities to learn both in our school and centre, and in the local community. Hulme and the city of Manchester have a rich variety of cultural venues such as museums, galleries and religious centres along with the built environment close at hand to be explored and experienced. In parallel with this making use of the richly resourced outdoor spaces at Martenscroft is the key to learning for all. I love to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the Martenscroft community.

Janet Nettleton 




My little daughter currently attends Martenscroft. My stepson also attended previously. I have a background in special education and I’m a qualified psychotherapist and believe that children’s early experiences are crucial in shaping who they will become. I want my daughter and her school friends to have the best start and to grow up resilient, strong and happy. I hope to have a positive impact as a Parent Governor.

Sara Fernadez






My name is Christina MacRae. Before moving to the north of the UK, I lived in London and Bristol, and my 3 children are now in their twenties. I have spent most of my working life as an educator working in a variety of early years settings. I believe that Maintained Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres can play an important and vital part in creating inclusive and supporting spaces for families and young children. My current job is as a research fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University. My research focuses on the way that young children learn about the world through interacting with their environment through movement and the senses.

Chritina MacRae


I have been a governor at Martenscroft since March 2023 before becoming Vice Chair in October 2023 and it's exciting to see the school grow from strength to strength. I was a former teaching assistant at two secondary schools in Manchester and I have a keen passion for how outstanding early years education can have a tremendous impact for children and young people throughout their lives. I am also a governor at a local primary academy in Manchester. 

Ajai Singh


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